RoV : Tactics by Okam Studio is a turn-based, tactical RPG set in a world where fantasy and sci-fi collide. It offers a wide variety of colourful characters, with different abilities and functions, that offer a great variety of approaches for the player to choose their own strategy. Its basics are easy to learn, but the game offers a great deal of depth to play with. The cell shaded characters compliment the different battlefields, and burst in personality when they appear in their hand-drawn portraits.

Can you amass a force to bring you victory and restore peace to the Void?


game features


  • Sci-Fantasy Tactics game with appealing art.

  • A long list of epically charming heroes to collect and breed for your glory!

  • PVP to compete online with other players and raise your reputation and leaderboard rankings.

  • Campaign mode with a rich story and colorful wonderlands to explore.

  • Takedown 30+ types of enemies from the Void’s original mythology. From the wandering Merrows to the Ethereals of the Rift!

The game is being polished.

We hope to have a release date for you soon!




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