Los Campeones Reales

With the blessing of the six great realms, the "Realms Greatest" are the vigilantes of The Void and the ones in charge of helping the folk where the realms can't. Lead by its founding heroes, "The Great Five", they are also mediators between the reals and their conflicts.

"The Great Five" are Sir Delrhin Guiradhar "The Knight Errant", Colmar"The Autumnal", "The Friar" Obicus, Elee "The Crimson" and Sir Gilles Belleroph "The Skollian Knight". These heros will guide the greatest along with their adventures over "RoV: Tactics.


list of heroes

In RoV: Tactics, all characters respond to 3 archetypes and 3 roles.

There are also 2 types of damage that respond to 2 types of defenses: The physical damage (represented in the game with "physdmg") comes from melee weapons (such as blades, maces, etc) and also firearms (like pistols, rifles, and blasters of sorts) while the elemental damage ("elemdmg") comes from artifacts such as wands and staffs that the elementalists and spiritualists use to channel their elemental energy to harm.


Having said that, the archetypes determine the types of damage and defensive power that the character will have in these two variables and also the equipment that the character will be able to use.

On the other side, the roles are a way to easily explain the function of the character on the team.



STR (strength) : This is the archetype of the warrior that uses its physical power to fight. It hits with physical damage and develops good physical defenses.

Types of Weaponry: Blades, Maces, and Lances.

Types of Armor: Heavy.

INT (Intelligence) : This is the archetype of the elementalists and spiritualists that uses elemental power and develops good elemental defenses.

Types of Weaponry: Scepters and Staffs.

Type of Armor: Light.

AIM (Aim) : This is the archetype of the gunslinger that uses firearms and has balanced defenses

Types of Weaponry: Light and Heavy Blasters.

Type of Armor: Medium.

Healer (cross) : It is the role of a character that has skills to heal the vital energy of its partners.

Damager (blades) : It is the role of the character that has skills specialized in inflicting great harm to enemies. These characters usually have a high damage attribute.

Protector (shield) : It is the role of a character that has skills to protect its partners from enemy harm. These characters usually have good resistance.



The Shield Gunner

A resistant shooter that is strategically defensive.

the marcialist

Leader of the vanguard. Very resistant and offensive.

the jet knight

Grand offensive mobility. Good attack and physical resistance.

the engineer

Lord of machines. Versatile and dangerous strategist.

the black talon

Master of stealth and assassination. Swift and lethal.

the militia

Vanguard leader and protector of the troops. Versatile utilitarian.

the cog priest

Master Technomancer. Powerful healer and supporter.

the sharpshooter

Runner of the woods. Grand mobility and offensive power.

the hammerer

Breaker of the defensive lines Destructive on the vanguard.

the tactician

Master of war. Destructive power and good support.

the herder

Servant of Magogg. Powerfull summons and curses.

The Spiritualist

Keeper of the party. Healer and support.

The battle friar

Battle priest. Offensive healer and support

the mecha

A body created for battle. Good defense, mobility and attack.

the astorian blade

Legendary blade. Skillfull against multiple enemies.

the artillerist

Destructive cannon. Area attack with high tactic value.

the hunter

Her mark is a death sentence. Lethal shots and traps.

the zealot

Offensive provoker and protector. Great elemental defense.

the guardian

Arcane champion. Powerful healer and resistant protector.

the horned chief

Ghost of the tundra.

Powerful warlock.

the star seer

Divine messenger. A prodigious healer with offensive power.

the corsair

Pirate that serves the realms. Great mobility and destructive cannon.

The elementalist

Harmful area spells and afflictions.

The cultist

Fierce fighter. Deathly blows and curses.

the Vagabond

Grand survivalist. Disabling blows and support.

the scoundrel

Fast and dangerous. Great mobility and traps.

the autumnal

Long-range shooter. His golden bolts are the most feared.

the void rifter

Rifter on the service of good. Destructive power and teleportation.

the white star

Guardian of the stellar seals. Provoker, protector and healer.

the abyssal scout

Hunter of The Dark Realm. Deathly shooter with great resistance.

the revolutionaire

The swift blade of the Auctus. Feared attacker and defender.

the agent

Fast and lethal. Subterfuge master with incapacitating blows.

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