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Sir Delrhin Guiradhar


14th Generation Argen Knight of the Gael Realm, "Knight Protector" of The Crown realm, "Knight Errant" of The Realms Greatest. Hero of multiple decorations, Delrhin is our protagonist.

As a Knight of our Lady, The Nebular Maiden, Delrhin is a faithful servant and a famously talented warrior. Since he was young he was trained equally by soldiers and druids to be a master of the sword as a master of the warrior spirit. His destiny is to become a "Spiritual Knight", capable of talking the language of "spiritualism" and to conjure the power of the Gods beyond "The Etheric Plane".


However, after suffering "the cursed wound", Delrhin feels abandoned by his goddess. His body, his mind, and his powers are not the same. Even his suit was transformed after the wound and he can't take it off!

Accompanied by their faithful droid-scribe Minstrel, they will embark on a journey full of adventures in order to discover the truth about what happened after The Black Rift and the origin of "The Vile War" that strikes the human kingdoms of Void.

"The Red King" Luthrell and "The Rifter" Yersin are the villains of this story.

Before reaching the throne, Luthrell was known as the skilled chancellor of King Phinneas. Originally, he was endorsed by “The Arch” Kingdom and made a name for himself as a highly-skilled administrator. But his extraordinary abilities were only shadowed by his political ambitions and thirst for power. We know little about his first contact with Yersin. What we do know is that those close to him were not surprised when the kingdom was transformed, little by little, in favor of the ideas Luthrell planted on his most loyal followers…

However, even that was quite different from the campaign that started “The Vile War”. That was the beginning of a long and bloodthirsty purge of any head of state who would not pledge alliance to Luthrell’s new order and dogma.

But was Luthrell able to do all of this on his own? There’s a far more vast mind behind this transformation, a being with a vision far too great for the simple-minded. That’s Yersin, “The Rifter”, the elementalist master who planned all of this and made of Luthrell the most feared king in all of the Void.


Luthrell y Yersin







Woolen, Drillo and Lina are the crew of "The Bitter Kahlua", a ship-home with which Delrhin and Minstrel will meet at the beginning of their adventure.

These three Lugos scrap scavengers are part of the thousands of workers who enter the big stages where the fate of the Void is disputed, in search of trash left behind by the colossal armies in each battle, in order to sell them to the highest bidder.

Woolen is the captain of this ship and a skilled pilot. He’s also an experienced explorer, a mesmerizing merchant, and the mastermind manning the whole operation behind “The Kahlua”. Woolen works every day on gathering the resources to be able to guarantee a life of dignity for his crew while staying at bay of war and the conflicts between the realms.

Lina is the next in command and CTO, and the only one who knows how every part of the ship works. But don’t be fooled by her intellect and charisma… Her true passion is to shoot stuff!

Drillo is the muscle of the ship, the brute force that any perilous mission needs. He’s also a piloting apprentice under Woolen. A curious choice for someone who can’t… well, who has difficulties expressing himself!


The governor Helena Van Hammersmith and The Supreme Gear Alexander are the leaders of the Polumetis realm. They are the ones who will face the kingdom of the Red Crown in this story.

When the technocratic people of the Polumetis had to think about a sovereign able to keep the order in their complex society, they had the bright idea of creating the most advanced artificial intelligence of the whole Void, and to cast in a humanoid body that the human race could accept. There was one tiny detail, though! The ability of this new being to empathize with humans was volatile at best. That’s why, deep within its nucleus, the Polumetis inserted the “code of obedience” that would forever tie him to the moderation of a human governor.

That’s how “the supreme gear” is born, a machine with the capabilities to connect and optimize all the automated systems of this kingdom. He’s also able to link reason, creativity and, for the first time ever, willpower. But this freedom of will, combined with intrinsic pragmatism of a machine, can lead to big catastrophes, and that’s why the position of the governor exists.

In this case, Helena Van Hammersmith.

Helena is not only one of the most renowned and powerful warriors in the whole Void, but also a military strategist and an extraordinary diplomat with an unheard talent for politics. She’s nothing short than a legitimate successor to the dynasty that has preceded over the Supreme Gear for generations.


Helena Van Hammersmith


Rey Alexander

rov_website_5_yukken y mondein.PNG

Yukken y Mondein

"Grandmaster Seer" of thePeony, Yukken and the arcane "High Inquisitor" Mondein will be the ones that they will be those who travel to the aid of King Alexander in the coming battle and to reveal the true plot behind the war.

People say that the tiny Thormen Yukken is as old as time. Many calls him "The Goblin King",under the belief that he is the last successor of this ancient caste full of legends. Despite being so cheerful and chattering, there is little that is really known about Yukken; it is enough to know that he is recognized as one of the most powerful spiritualists of all Void, and his connection to the kingdom of the gods is constant and absolute. Yukken has been at the birth and fall of great kingdoms, and his participation in events always leaves a mark. Yukken does not engage in any cause in vain.
But who endorses the Gobling King and his endeavors?
The Ark Realm it is the oldest kingdom of "The Six Great Realms of Void," as they are called. They are also the kingdom that has the longest relationship with the Void universe and its mysteries. They retain ancient treasures and their infinite riches. Thus, it is not surprising that they are the first benefactor and kingdom closest to "The Peony Seers."
The High Inquisitor Mondein he is a hunter, in charge of leading the legions of "the guardians", the most feared elite troops of the arcane army, trained to fight in battles of physical powers as in battles of elemental ones.

Since its origins, the Kingdom of the Crown has had two figures attending the king: "The Shield and The Spear." "The Shield" is in charge of the defenses and leads the martial regiments, which are the heart of the army; while "The Spear" governs the most technical offensive operations and directs intelligence agents.

Lord Volvag inherited the charge of "Shield of the Kingdom" from his father, who died in battle. Since then he has dedicated his life to honor the endowment and his role in an exceptional way. This is why, at the time of the "Sacred Oath," Phinneas ordered Lord Volvag to remain in custody of his reign while he and Sir Exton, "the spear" of that time, traveled with the Royal Champions after The Black Rift to fulfill that great mission.

Some time later, after the coronation of Luthrell, it was pointed out as a new "spear" to someone of the most unexpected: it was "Mortimer, the Black", a famous and feared pirate who became a privateer who maintained a relationship of service to the new King and
his council. Mortimer was considered dangerous, however, his participation was key to the new direction of the kingdom and for that reason, he was pardoned for his multiple crimes. It was even provided with titles and rank! this is how "Mortimer, the Black", that
Bloodthirsty navigator of dark currents, became "Sir Mortimer", honorable champion of Luthrell, "Spear of the Kingdom".

You don't have to be a genius to imagine that these two would never get along! However, the loyalty Volvag feels for his kingdom is unwavering and will never question his king's decisions or betray his nation.

rov_website_6_volvag y mortimer.PNG

Lord Volvag


Sir Mortimer

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